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About Us

Heather Marriott

Co-founder, 360 traction
Vice President, Market Intelligence, Revenue Management Ltd.


With almost 30 years of diversified, global experience in ‘Voice of the Customer’ research, I have seen time and again how organizations invest in research but don’t know how to apply the insights they gain to increase their ROI. This disconnect between data collection and usage extends to other corporate metrics as well. Organizations are collecting lots of data but are not using it to compete more effectively.

Our experience has shown that organizations maintain their existing business models and business metrics even after internal and external changes cause cracks in the model. We see continually how potential value drains away through the cracks in a faulty business model and the absence of early warning signals.

This is why 360traction was developed – to help organizations understand where traction is gained and lost. We help you organize and use your corporate, employee, customer and client insights to help you understand what needs to be done to create value for your customer, to deliver value cost-effectively, and to capture value for the organization’s shareholders and stakeholders.

Client Sector Experience

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with a wide range of public and private sector clients in the consumer, commercial, industrial, government and professional services markets. I has used my experience to develop and present seminars for clients in the public and private sectors, as well as in teaching marketing management and marketing research courses in the Commerce department at Saint Mary’s University, and in both the Commerce and MBA departments at Dalhousie University.

Business and Operations Experience

My personal experience with operating businesses includes being hired in 1987 to build the market research department at Focal Advertising and Marketing, which was subsequently incorporated as Focal Research Consultants Ltd in 1990. Focal continues to be a going concern employing full and part time staff. As of June 2005, I moved to Revenue Management Ltd, a business consulting firm, to assist companies and organizations in developing integrated management and growth strategies. From this experience, the formation of 360 traction emerged to link business models with decision metrics for greater traction.

Traction is reduced when organizations don’t collect the right information or don’t use it effectively.


Heather has worked extensively throughout North America and conducted research in 7 languages throughout Europe and Asia. Her clients include organizations in energy, telecommunications, food and beverage, professional services and government.

Public Reports

  • From Trap to Table, A Long Term Value Strategy for the Canadian Lobster Industry (2010),
    Lobster Council of Canada, co-authored with Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists
  • Atlantic Canada Brand Implementation Report (2008)
    Atlantic Canada Food and Beverage Processors Association
  • Industrial Relationship Marketing (1995)
    Canadian Electricity Association

Areas of Expertise

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Facilitation of problem-solving workshops
  • Marketing mentoring
  • Relationship marketing
  • Customer/client engagement
  • Value proposition development
  • Business model assessment
  • Strategy development
  • New product testing
  • Metrics training


  • Master of Business Administration, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia 1987
  • Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP), Marketing Research and Intelligence Association Canada, 2003
  • Simplex System for Applied Creativity, Level 1, 2006, Nova Scotia
  • Business Model Canvas Masterclass (2016), London UK