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What Clients Are Saying About 360traction

As the Executive Vice President of Client Solutions for the Argus Group, I am responsible for the Sales and Customer Service Operations within Bermuda and Global Marketing for the Argus Global Group and I have had the pleasure of working with Heather for approximately four years. She has consistently offered an innovative perspective and sound guidance on ways to strategically enhance our client experiences and create real measurable differentiators from our competitors in our market place.

Since 2013, in partnering with her we experienced several ‘aha’ moments which have led to shifts in how we think about certain aspects of our business. She has worked with us in one-week sprints to:

  • assess our client research and operating metrics to demonstrate the opportunity for greater insight
  • conduct broader client research to inform our strategy with new insights
  • provide training for several of our key departments on the selection and use of metrics to assist our decision-making
  • bring us new ideas and ways of looking at things that have jumpstarted or clarified initiatives.

I would recommend Heather if you want to bring fresh thinking to your team or your organization. Her focus is on integrating the client perspective with the company perspective for greater traction in the market. We learned that decisions made by the company influence the selection decision made by the client. I look forward to my on-going relationship with Heather as an important resource for developing core insight capabilities within our organization. Wanda Richardson

EVP Client Solutions, The Argus Group

Client Endorsement for 360traction - The Argus Group
I have known Heather Marriott since 2011 when I arrived at Clearwater Fine Foods. She has provided services to Clearwater since 1999, to help us understand our customers’ point of view. She has conducted consumer (B2C) research for most of our product lines. For our B2B customers, she developed a multi-item customer rating system, that allows us to track our customer experience in several countries and continents. She has a keen eye for detail including the identification of Asian translation errors by matching the characters to the on-line questions.

The B2B work led to the development of Key Account teams, for which Heather developed a 3-part training program to help groups of cross-functional employees organize into horizontally integrated teams around our customers, to augment our vertical integration around our products.

In addition to product and customer work, she has helped us examine Clearwater employee-customer thinking with a survey of the key account teams that mirrored the customer metrics. The objective was to identify gaps in team beliefs about what customers are thinking or experiencing using a parallel set of measures. This enabled the team to see where their beliefs were out-of-synch with customer beliefs.

She has also developed dashboards to help us review all our customer measures at a glance, as well as by species and continent. Support services have included participation in our product development think tanks to offer the customer point of view, facilitating key account team thinking about the customer experience, as well as collating the learnings of all the individual research that Clearwater gathers.

Heather has provided both customized metrics and learning services to Clearwater over the years and I am pleased to recommend her work to organizations that want to incorporate customer thinking into their value proposition and planning processes.

Greg Morency

President, Global Markets, Clearwater Seafoods LP

Client Endorsement for 360traction - Clearwater Seafoods