We Help You Build or Sustain Traction in Your Key Areas

1. Your Value Metrics and Risk Metrics: Review, Revise or Retain

  • How well do they answer your questions and guide your actions?

2. Your Value Proposition: Review, Revise or Retain

  • How well does it resonate with your employees, customer/clients and partners?

3. Your Business Model: Review, Revise or Retain

  • How well does each part contribute to your value stream?
  • Do your assumptions still hold under changes in your market?

4. Connecting the Dots to Close the Gaps:

  • How well do your metrics, value proposition and business model fit together to close your traction gaps?
How 360 Traction Works

360traction Deliverables

  • Learn how to build a fully integrated business model
  • Learn how well your value proposition resonates
  • Learn how to measure success and risk
  • Learn how to use information to guide action
  • Learn what drives traction in your organization

You could choose one or all – depending on where you need help.

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