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Connecting the Dots

How well do your metrics, value proposition, and business model fit together to close your traction gaps?


360 Traction - Connecting the Dots

360traction will help you to get everyone on the same page about: what you want to achieve, how to do it, and how to measure your progress.

You will be surprised to learn how differently people in your organization consider what is important and how to achieve it. For example, the subject of customer retention might seem simple, but companies have a difficult time defining:

  • who their top customers are and why. How much change needs to occur before a customer moves into or out of top customer status?
  • whether all business is good business. Does making budget today negatively impact organizational wealth in the long term? Which customers are most valuable?
  • how retention strategies should differ for different groups of customers. Can different strategies for different customer groups manage expenses and profitability better?

360traction Deliverables

  • Learn how to build a fully integrated business model
  • Learn how well your value proposition resonates
  • Learn how to measure success and risk
  • Learn how to use information to guide action
  • Learn what drives traction in your organization

You could choose one or all – depending on where you need help.