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Your Business Model: Review, Revise or Retain

How well is your business model contributing to your value stream?

Is your business model working for you — or for your competition?

Do your assumptions still hold under changes in your market?

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We test how well your current business model is working or how aligned your proposed business model is. There are questions for each part of the business model.

These metrics can be rolled up to an overall business model strength score or drilled down to see how each area is performing and what is causing performance strength or weakness.

We have a mirror-set of metrics for clients to answer. This enables the gap between internal assumptions and external perceptions to be identified. This moves thinking past ‘gut’ feel to real time.

This is also a great way to put your most recent strategic plan under a new lens.

360 Traction - How strong is your business model?

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We look at what is happening externally that may be out of synch with your business model assumptions.

These external factors are the ‘uncontrollables’ – they represent some opportunities and many risks.

Your best line of defence against the ‘uncontrollables’ is to:

  • Identify them
  • Ensure that what you think are your indisputable strengths really are strengths for you
  • Focus on building up your ‘indisputables’ to counter the ‘uncontrollables’

We use case studies to illustrate this and some eye-opening exercises to help you see what you need to do more of or less of, and where your key risks are lurking.