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Your Value Proposition: Review, Revise & Retain

How well does your value proposition resonate with your employees, customers/clients and partners?

The value proposition is the purpose that motivates employees to deliver value, and the reason your clients/customers choose you.

The value proposition is the STAR of the business model. It should guide all business decisions and actions. A breakdown in any part of the business model results in a breakdown of the value proposition – which results in a loss of competitive traction.

The value proposition starts with what the client or customer wants to accomplish. Period. The customer or client decides whether your organization is creating enough value and whether your organization deserves their business. Your customers and clients know they represent value to you. They decide whether you represent value to them. The next step is why your organization can be the solution. We use case studies and exercises to create or evaluate your value proposition.

Getting the value proposition right will determine whether your organization will capture, or continue to capture, value from your customers or clients.