Your Challenges

"When the rate of external change exceeds the rate of internal change, the end is near." Jack Welch, GE

Why is Doing Business Today Harder than 10 Years Ago?

  • The economy is challenging and people are spending less.
  • Companies are working hard and seeing less impact than they want.
  • Staff is frustrated that their time and effort is not having the desired effect.
  • Staff is expected to do more with fewer resources.
  • 80% of results come from 20% of the effort, which means that 4/5 of the internal effort isn’t having any effect on the desired results
  • Companies are making plans without enough knowledge of what their customers are doing
  • Customers are making their own plans to manage their own needs.
  • Short-term quarterly financial reporting versus long-term financial planning causes different decisions and tactics to be deployed.
  • Short-term growth and long-term growth are not being integrated for sustainability and stability.
  • Global operations and mobile technology are creating more decentralization in the workplace, increasing the need for more accountability and empowerment, trust and transparency.

The impacts of these challenges are experienced as:

  • Decreased Productivity

Employees don’t go the extra mile making their actions visible to the customer and to each other

  • Decreased Employee / Talent Attraction / Recruitment

Increase in hiring costs

  • Decreased Employee / Talent Retention

Higher turnover = higher replacement costs

  • Decreased Tolerance

Customers are less inclined to overlook issues due to lower trust in their suppliers’ motives

  • Decreased Customer Retention

Higher churn = higher replacement costs

  • Decreased Customer/Company Dialogue

Less input to focus planning on the areas that impact customer satisfaction

  • Decreased Customer Input

Impacts the ability to identify and respond to emerging opportunities more effectively

  • Decreased Customer Input

Also impacts the ability to identify and address emerging threats more efficiently

  • Decreased Grounded Execution

Likelihood that strategic and tactical plans are implemented, as they are not grounded in reality

  • Decreased Customer Satisfaction

Lesser competitive power versus other suppliers

In the past 10 years, change has happened at light speed. Global markets have emerged, global economies have declined and technology has made everything faster.

What are companies doing to match that level of change?

Is it enough to do more of the same?

What is the future of business?

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