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You know it’s important to have a compelling vision.

But it’s equally important to know where you are today relative to that vision.

Is it time to DISCOVER? 

Do you need more certainty in some or all of the following areas:

  • You are not certain about your current position with stakeholders; and, therefore, what implication that has for planning.
  • You do not have clarity on why identified actions are not having the expected results.
  • You need feedback to know what tweaks or changes could improve or sustain your current situation.
  • You need more information to gain broad support for your suggested approach.
  • You need more information to monitor the traction of your approach.

Is it time to DEFINE?

Do you need more alignment between your current and your desired position, as indicated by some or all the following scenarios?

  • You are not using the information you have to guide your planning.
  • You have a gap between what you know and how to use this knowledge to build a strategy.
  • There is a questionable fit between the direction you want to go and the strategy that your company is following.
  • Your current goals and objectives are not taking you far enough.
  • Your current actions are not aligned with your goals.
  • The entire organization isn’t coordinated around the goals.

Is it time to DESIGN? 

Are your structure, culture or processes aligned to…

  • Connect your goals?
  • Overcome barriers to effective action?
  • Create visibility to your targeted stakeholder audiences?
  • Generate collaboration among your employees, department or divisions towards your goals?
  • Sustain you for the long term?

Is it time to DEPLOY?

Are you concerned about your company’s ability to action your goals and objectives?

  • Are actions as effective or consistent as they need to be to meet your goals?
  • Are there external reasons that are preventing the implementation of your plan, which must be addressed?
  • Is there any slack in your organization that could be leveraged for greater results?
  • Are people in your organization sufficiently aware of how their actions affect other activity in your value chain?
  • Are your actions visible to your targeted stakeholders?
  • Are your people focused on short-term achievement of immediate goals with little thought to long-term sustainability?